Blondy From Germany!

8/05/2010 06:13:00 AM

Woah!I was genuinely freaked out by today's incident.There's a beautiful caucasian girl who transfered to my school as she joined the student exchange programme!She stepped into the class with our class teacher and every other students were agitated.First,the 38 species surrounded her.They kinda tryin' to get friendly with her(as they had never seen a caucasian before).Lol...they just exactly like uhu glue...stickin' to her all the time!=(...Some say she looks alike Paris Hilton.However I managed to approach her and greeted her for a while(yay)...The girls Julia,from Germany and she's stayin' here for a year while I also introduced myself...Her german accent is kinda obvious...and she's quite tall(approximately 174cm),blonde hair and has the most mesmerising eyes I have ever seen in my life which are blue in color...Wow...Utterly cool right?
Have thoughts?Share'em in the comments below...Peace out!

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