Today Is Just Not My Day!

10/07/2010 10:10:00 PM

What's matter with today!What can be worse than this?Gosh,it's just an unlucky day for me...First,I hand in my form to wrong teacher which I'm supposed to hand it in to the PRINCIPAL....2 DAYS AGO!What can I do?The teacher was going other place and I was unable to find the teacher and asked her who am I supposed to hand it in.Then,I've made someone broke down...=( Actually it's kinda bizzare story.The girl kept claiming that she's super-duper stress because of the exam which is around the corner!Then,I've asked a question to her which was :"Hey,you say you stress,but why I see you keep laughing?"
Darn...she started crying after that...=.=..Weird huh?Then we persuaded her and told lame joke so she'd stop tearing.She said she was like trying to distress by crying....I guess I got up form the wrong side of the bed!
What an epic mess today!I hope the bad-luck cycle stops here...HOPEFULLY!

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