Creepy Or Funny?

11/05/2010 01:36:00 AM

Conversation between a cashier and my friends at a sundry shop:

Few days ago,few of my friends asked me...
"Do you have a sis working at ___ ?"
and I was like
"HUH?Fyi I don't really have a sis."
OMG!Who's that creepy girl that admitted she's my sis?I'm so freaking confuse(Totally)!Since when I have one?And as far as i remembered,my family don't have a lost sis!I asked my friends whether they'd taken a picture of her(haha).Unfortunately...nope,not at all.The girl worked at a sundry shop and...I DON'T REALLY KNOW HER!
The bottom line is,if a person suddenly claimed that she's your sis,how would you feel?Isit...

A. Surprised
B. Happy
C. Scared
D. Terrified
E. No feeling (lol)
Share your thoughts in the comments below...See ya!

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  1. maybe she mistaken? so i wont even bother.. lol

  2. probably but the girl told to many of my friends...damn siasui=.=