One Step Closer To My License...RawR!

11/13/2010 04:01:00 AM

Today,I went for my theory test...anddddd....I got 49/50 yippie =)!I'm teribbly happy and overjoyed by my result.Hmm(Although it's just one more to get perfect marks,I'm grateful that I passed the test)...that comp seemed tricky,coz at first I thought I got 42/50 as the number appeared bigger than 49.Actually,I was supposed to sit for the test yesterday,BUT...the feller said the damn internet had no lines.So,he postponed it till today.Back to thwe point,after I getting my results,I straight away went for the Pra-L class(It was kinda hurry).And I spent 1 and 1/2 hours inside the room before going out for another 1 and 1/2 hours(This time was under the bright sun-Gosh,it was so freaking hot out there-causing me nearly melt!).
The bottom line is,there are many many many plus time-consuming procedures that we have to follow just to get a license..."What an efficient system our country has,isn't it?" =.=

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