Upcoming License's Theory Test!OMG

11/11/2010 04:33:00 AM

OMG...in order to get driving license,I've to sit for the law theory test!And the most scary part is...the test is tomorrow!AHHHH!All I was given was a mini law text book and a workbook-consisting of 500 questions!Yeah,luckily I've done it few days ago and tonight I will just have to revise back few hard questions.BTW,the stupid book has lots of errors!Back to the point,you know what's scary about the test?The most scary part is for the color-blind test,you have to get all the questions CORRECT!-8 questions and we're given merely 3 minutes!

CAUTION:You can't afford to make mistakes for 2 times!If you did,you'll never be able to take driving license for your entire life!

Next,you'll have to sit for another 50 questions-and is given 1 hour.you have to get at least 42/50 in order to pass and proceed to the next step...
I am crossing my fingers that I can pass this test...Wish me luck guys! =)

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