Better Than Ever. iPhone 4S

10/05/2011 06:42:00 AM

It's Apple time!Hey,it's not the fruit,but the iPhone 4S! *cold joke**what a joke*.iPhone 4S is available on 14 Oct 2011 in stores,with pre-order on 7 Oct.I know most of the iPhone-fans are quite disappointed as they are eagerly hoping for iPhone 5,instead of iPhone 4S.But what do ya know,half a loaf is better than none,isn't it?Back to the talk,iPhone 4s is definitely a better version than the previous iPhone 4.(Because there's a letter "S" added after iPhone 4, HAHA*Another cold joke* #epicfail ).Despite the similar casing,iPhone 4S however has been totally overhauled internally!With it's higher processor,Dual-Core A5 Chip,amazing 8MP camera with all-new optics that is able to shoot 1080p HD video.better battery as well as a redesigned antenna system,iPhone 4S is undoubtly a MUST-have item! 
Also,not forget to mention its newest feature,Apple is introducing SIRI,which brings the personal assistant to your phone.Do visit for more information about the iPhone 4S! =)

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