Long hiatus,but it's never too late! JPA

4/06/2012 08:36:00 PM

!Hey bloggers,I have some HAPPY NEWS! *not HAPPY MEALS* #lamejoke.JPA scholarships for SPM leavers are supposed to be withdrawn.BUT WAIT!After glancing throught 30/3/2012 The Star newspaper,it is BACK! #joyfultears.Yes,you are NOT suffering from any eye-diseases / halucinations / mental-diseases / depressions.It's REAL.It will be opened for 2011 SPM leavers to apply from 9 April 2012.I totally understand the mixed feelings of 2011 SPM-ers as I'm one of them. So guys,you all better mark your calender!
PS:I got straight A's in my SPM.Congrats me =P #happy!Too all those who got straight A's in their SPM,congrats and well done!
Nonetheless,to others who did not get straight A's,DONT BE SAD.For your information,SPM result does not really matter.It's just one of the checkpoints in your life.Dont get too frustrated over it.You still have long way too go.As you can see,there are Pre-University,Degree,Masters,Phd.s to worry about.OMG,I really sucked at advising people.*I myself am worrying about tertiary studies. =.= *.In short,just try your best and it is merely enough,ok.
BTW here's the link to JPA website, http://esilav2.jpa.gov.my/ .

PSS:Here's a link if you're searching for a website with hell lots of scholarships lists! http://afterschool.my/scholarship/ Till then.Ciao! ^.^

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