I'm On TV!

12/06/2012 03:28:00 AM

Okay I am kinda high now.In fact I'm very very high!I will start the story right from the beginning.When my friends and I were going out for lunch from Taylor's College,a young lady approached us suddenly.And she was holding a microphone with her!And she asked us to wish Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Malaysians and it will be aired on TVi.And we wished INDIVIDUAL-LY on screen.!OMG,I was like...after 18 years,I'm finally appearing on TV just like Justin Bieber and Tom Daley,albeit its a very very very short and quick ads.And they jotted down our names!So I think they will probably show our names too on the screen!Plus,the ads will be aired for the entire Christmas week! #seventh-heaven.And for your information,TVi is a channel which focus more on the East Malaysia.But fret not,TVi is in ASTRO CHANNEL 180! #grins . You'll probably be more familiar with its sister channels,RTM TV1 and RTM TV2. Yeah!

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