Cambridge A Levels - 18 Months of Memories

6/12/2013 05:25:00 AM

My life as a pre-university student has finally come to an ending.In my two cents opinion,Cambridge A Levels is indeed a challenging programme.Most of usPractically we needed to study almost every single day!Life is hectic and we have to sit a string of examinations for each week,be it tests,trials or the actual examinations.There are 1 year,1  and 1/2 year as well as 2 years programme.Basically most of us are familiar with the middle duration only.Yes you can have a year or two of A Level programme,but it is advisable to undergo 2nd or 3rd options as 1 year programme is simply too fast-track.AS is still manageable for me,while for A2 I need to be more hardworking and put in a lot more effort compared to AS Level!Alas,life is not just evolves around education,as most of the universities do not just require students to excel in academic only because they are searching for well-rounded students.
I think the best part of taking A-Level programme in 2 different colleges is that I get to make a lot friends in the college!I am so blessed to have 6 incredibly gifted housemates cum best friends,a bunch of great neighbors,as well as a group of amazing plus humorous classmates #2012PM13 with expert photography skills haha.We are definitely going to  miss one another as most of us are going to overseas to read our desired degree courses in various universities.I came to realise that after SPM ,time passes by in a blink of an eye!
Upon completing A-Levels,now all of us are now crossing our fingers for excellent results which at least will achieve the grades required by the universities that gave conditional offer letters to us.Last but not least I would like to wish my housemates,classmates and friends best of luck in their lives and their futures!
That's all for now,au revoir! :)

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