SKMM Rebate RM200

9/09/2013 08:24:00 PM

Hey readers,the SKMM Rebate RM200 for smartphone is back! After closing the programme for about a month, the government realises that many of the youths have indeed registered for the SKMM scheme yet they did not purchase phones from anywhere.As a result, the  programme is reopened for just 2 weeks until the target of 1.5 millions of youth in Malaysia are enjoying this rebate and owning a smartphone each. Nonetheless, now those who are 21-30 years are interested to enjoy this rebate are required to register under telecommunication companies in Malaysia such as Maxis,Digi,Celcom,U Mobile and the likes.For Digi, they are offering Alcatel One Touch phone alongside with a sim card which has RM20 and one GB for internet for to 15 days only. As for the other telecommunication companies, I am not sure of their promotions.For more information, visit then ,au revoir!

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