Insidious 2

10/19/2013 07:04:00 AM

Readers!American supernatural horror movie Insidious Chapter 2 (commonly known as Insidious 2) is out now in all cinemas in Malaysia from 17 of October 2013 onwards ! It is actually a sequel of 2011's Insidious. The move is the continuity of the story after Renai Lambert discovered the death of the medium Elise. To her chagrin, Renai found out that it was her husband Josh Lambert who choked Elise upon looking at the photos in the camera that was held by Elise. She did not know that it was actually Josh's "good old friend" the old woman entering Josh's body. Strings of peculiar events occured while they were residing in Josh's mother, Lorraine's house such as the piano that produce the music by itself, the moving baby walkers, and the likes. Lorraine was terrified by the events and she decided to look for Elise's colleagues, Tucker and Speck. They seek help from Elise's friend Carl and try to reach to Elise using the word-dice method. The information led them to "Our Lady Of Angels" hospital, Lorraine's former workplace. There , they discovered one of the patient, Parker Crane, who commited suicide decades ago. they realised that it was not Elise who have led them into Parker's house, but the hideous Parker's Mother who tried to kill them when they were searching for information while they are rummaging through the stuffs in the house. Then , they came up with a plan to sedate Josh with tranquilizer in order to force the old woman out from his body  but to no avail.Lorraine was locked in a room while Josh were trying to kill Renai but failed when Dalton hit josh using a bat when they reached home in the eleventh hour. They then escaped to the basement and locked themselves from Josh. In the meantime, Dalton went to sleep and venture to the Further to search for Josh. Josh,together with Elise and Carl, went to Parker's house and saw the incident where Parker's mother trying to convince her son Parker that he is a girl, called Marilyn. During the battle of Josh and Parker's Mother, Elise seek help from Parker to enter the room and managed to hit Parker's Mother with a wooden horse while she was trying to kill Josh. Finally they went back to the real world and live happily ever after. HOLD ON, the movie is not done yet! the screen faded to white and then Speck and Tucker appeared knocking the door of another house. they talked to a couple with a daughter while Elise entered the house and try to communicate to their comatose girl, Allison until she saw something horrifying behind Allison and exclaimed 'OH MY GOD!!!" .........

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