YOLO Trip Part 2 : Klang

1/10/2014 09:18:00 AM

Klang, a Royal City as well as former capital city of Selangor is indeed one of a place you must visit when you are in Malaysia. Well, there's some myths and facts you need to get it right when you are there! Things Ilearnt when I visited Klang: 

  • Klang USED to be crowded by crows in the past decade. Now there is NO crow seen around the city.
  • The Klang River which is formerly known as most polluted river is now in much better condition
  • TIME changes everything, for Klang case, it's for better #thumbsup
  • Similar to other cities,Klang is an old city, with some old buildings, good ol' coffeeshops and not forgetting about the train station 
Now don't get me wrong here, I am not trying to say that Klang is an outdated area, but merely giving an introduction of the old facade of Klang. Definitely there is a modern part of it; which I will be talking about it now. We went to the newer mall, the Setia City Mall ( according to Yue Hau) . Although we had just spent some time walking around the park in front of the mall. we took like tens, if not, hundreds of silly pictures there while we were waiting for our movie time! We watched 47 Ronin, which we found mediocre.
Alright, this Klang post might be quite short because we only stayed for two nights and we were preparing for Taman Negara trip. So yeah, Stick around for Perak post dear readers!Till then au revoir! :)

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