Nutella: European Vs American

5/12/2014 06:41:00 AM

When my peanut butter was about to finish, I went to the nearest store at my cousin's in Singapore to purchase new spreads. After much consideration, I decided to get Nutella since I have heard of its hazel-nutty flavour and creamy texture. Upon reaching the jam sections, I scanned the entire section in order to search for the hazelnut chocolate spread. Yes! The Nutella, is just right in front of me! Feeling exited, I took one out of the shelf. In tandem, I felt something different about it but I could not explain what was it...Hmm... Oh god, the Nutella that I was holding, as in GLASS JAR compared to the conventional plastic containers that I used to see everywhere. Suspiciously, I bought one to try, fearing that it might be a counterfeit product. After reaching my cousin's, I quickly searched for the differences between the two nutellas. Ahah! There is a massive difference between these two nutellas! The glass jar nutella is actually manufactured in Europe. while the latter is produced in USA. While there are some debates actively going, it is claimed that the original glass jar Nutella taste much better than its USA products due to several reasons. First are the ingredients. While the European countries used vegetable oils,sugar,hazelnuts,fat-reduced cocoa powder,skimmed milk powder,whey powder,emulsifier (lechitins) (soy), flavourant (vanillin), American used sugar,palm oil, hazelnuts,cocoa, skimmed milk, reduced whey (milk), lechitin as emulsifier (soy), vanillin as an artificial flavour. On inspection, European version looks darker, less shiny with nutty scent whereas American version barely released much scent at all. Using the eminent "Spoon Test" American version is somewhat a little creamier and softer. Nonetheless, the European version tastes more hazel-nutty and chocolatey. 
In conclusion, European version of Nutella tastes better than American version. For detail informatin, visit some of the websites that I have found while searching for the difference between the two Nutellas. and Till then , au revoir! :)

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