Two Newcastle University Students Killed In Borneo

8/11/2014 07:04:00 AM

Left-Neil Dalton Right-Aidan Brunger
On 6th of August 2014, two British medical students were stabbed to death in Kuching, Sarawak. Both of the students, Neil Dalton and Aidan Brunger, aged 22, were fourth year medical students in Newcastle University. They were on a six week work placement along with five other medical students in Kuching, which is the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia. Like what other thousands of medical students do every year, Dalton and Brunger were doing their electives which is part of the requirement of medical student in Newcastle University. According to Professor Jane Calvert, the young men were excellent students and are very committed to becoming doctors.

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Malaysian police stated that both of them were killed at about 4.50 am local time on Wednesday. Four male suspects, aged between 19 to 30, were arrested following the incident and they have admitted to the crime upon interrogation. Three of the suspects were tested positive for the drug methamphetamine or commonly known as crystal meth. It was said that the murder started with a slap. One of the suspected murderers stated that he was enraged when one of the Britons had slapped him during the dispute. Four of the local men then tried to assault the Britons but they managed to get away.
Witness of the incident added that four of the men then chase after Dalton and Brunger by using a car. One of the them alighted the car who appeared holding a knife, stabbed one of the Britons once, before chasing down the other and stabbed him repeatedly for a number of times.

It is indeed a devastating news that two lives were lost due to an avoidable argument. My prayers and thoughts go to the families and friends of the medical students at this very difficult time.

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