Gunung Lambak

11/09/2014 06:34:00 AM

Several weeks ago, I was invited by my friend to hike Gunung Lambak (Mount Lambak). Gunung Lambak is a small mountain located in the center of Johor, Malaysia. The mountain is about five kilometres away from Kluang town. Also, the summit of the mountain is about 510 meters above sea level. We departed from our hostel around 6.30 in the morning (it was initially 6.00 morning, but I woke up at 6.00 sharp and hence the delay). Proudly to speak, this is NOT my first time hiking experience as I have done it before last year when I went to Pahang's National Park last year. Hence, I thought I knew a little bit about hiking (or so I thought) and brought sufficient amount of water along with me. Little did I know that I brought the wrong type of water! I should have brought isotonic drink instead of mineral water. 

After climbing for some time, I was sweating profusely and all the salt were drained away from my body. The 'knowledgeable' could only drink the mineral water that I have brought along and I was feeling a little bit dizzy during the half way. Nonetheless, I persevered and climbed all the way to the summit, only to be filled with disappointment as the view was not as breathtaking as I hoped. The transmitter that exists at the summit was an eye-sore to me. Adding salt to the wound, that particular day was really hazy, hence we could not enjoy the view as there were only puffs of clouds and haze visible from the summit. 

The routes of the journey were quite challenging for me as they were getting steeper as we moved forward, to the extent that at one point of our journey, we practically had to grab the rope that was tied to the trees and pull ourselves up. Nevertheless, it was a joyful experience as I get to bond with some other friends that I do not usually have chances to hang out with (because I am not so close to them) as well as know some new friends! I shall let the pictures do the talking. Till then, au revoir! :)

Half way pit-stop
No, it's not natural geyser. It's just a leaked pipe. haha
The anticipated summit view. #disappointmuch

The peak of Mount Lambak. Note the transmitter behind the signboard. :(
There's this small hut built at the summit.
Route going down the mountain.

The base of the mountain!

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