Ecoworld Starlight 2015 New Year Concert

1/07/2015 04:26:00 AM

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Yesterday, I saw some of my friends on Facebook newsfeed holding these Ecoworld Starlight 2015 New Year Concert tickets while claiming that they are free of charge! Frantically, I search up about the concert and found out that the concert will be held at Eco Summer and Eco Spring Show Village in Johor, which is organised by Ecoworld. The thing is that you are required to post a picture of yours when you are at the gallery and add a #ecoworld in your Facebook post in order to redeem 2 completely free tickets per person! Also, you are required to fill in your identity card number as well as name. Fret not if you want to watch the concerts badly but you are not in Johor because the concerts will be held in three locations namely Penang, Klang Valley other than Johor. Unfortunately, the tickets for Penang concert are fully redeemed. You can redeem the tickets at any Ecoworld galleries in Malaysia. It will be a free seating concert which literally means you need to be there as early as possible to get good spots. Unless, of course, if you have purchased a house or apartment under one of Ecoworld projects, you can redeem 2 VIP tickets for free! #cheers. That being said, I think there will be numbered seats provided for the VIP guests. VIP tickets can be redeemed by representatives should they be busy provided that the details such as name, identity card number and possibly unit of house purchased are given to representatives for them to get the VIP tickets

Who will be performing at the Ecoworld Starlight 2015 New Year Concert?
They are none other than;
  • Wang Lee Hom
  • Melody Tan
  • Daniel Craven
  • Najwa Latif 
The dates, times and venues for the respective concerts will be as follows;

Spice Arena (PISA)
17/1/2015 (Saturday)
7.00 pm
Contact: +604 229 2255

Iskandar Malaysia
EcoSpring & EcoSummer Show Village
24/1/2015 (Saturday)
7.00 pm
Contact: +607 236 2552

Klang Valley
EcoMajestic Village
31/1/2015 (Saturday)
7.00 pm
Contact: +603 8723 2255

For more information, visit for more information. Till then, au revoir!

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