Judges Of X Factor New Zealand Natalia Kills And Willy Moon Bully Contestant Joe Irvine!

5/01/2015 08:24:00 AM

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On 15 March 2015 live show, one of the X Factor New Zealand's judges, Natalia Kills, accused contestant Joe Irvine of impersonating her husband. She was absolutely infuriated by Joe's suit and haircut and stated that she was embarrassed to be the judge and comment on Joe's performance.

Judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills. Image Source: tv3.co.nz
As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband,” she said. “From the hair to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting. I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious.” -Natalia Kills

Adding fuel to the fire, her husband, Willy Moon stated, "To me, it just feels a little bit cheap and absurd. It's like Norman Bates dressing up in his mother's clothing. It feels a little and I feel like you are going to stitch someone's skin to your face and then kill everybody in the audience, but you do you."

Contestant Joe Irvine. Image Source: people.com
After getting massive criticisms from the public, both of them were fired from the show the next day.
However, several singers were very supportive and even defended Joe Irvine.

"@Popjustice good point. Didn't realise he invented the skinny suit & slick back. But then what do I know? At least he had gaga to defend him." -Bastille

"@jooe63_joe don't worry about what everyone else says man, Enjoy yourself with it, that's what singing is about, not what other people think." -Ed Sheeran

"Can't stop myself from commenting on NZ X Factor situation because I can't stop thinking about how mean it was. Thank goodness they're gone." -Ellie Goulding

Lorde even took the effort to send Joe a box of cupcakes and a handwritten note, advising him to be himself.

Hi Joe,
Just wanted to say: your individuality, positive energy & spirit are infectious! I think you’re doing an awesome job on the show so far. I’m a performer too, & I wanted to say that no matter how many people make fun of me for how I dress, move & act, I’m being me — and that’s what’s important.

Good luck & lots of love,

What do you think of the judges' harsh words towards the contestants? Let me know in the comments below. Here is the video of Natalia Kills and Willy Moon criticising Joe Irvine.

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