Goodbye Year 3 And Hello Year 4

8/01/2016 01:44:00 AM

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Today marks the end of my third year experience in medical school as the results were released this morning sharp at 9 o'clock. Having said that, I passed the year end exam and my not-so-impressive overall results manage to stay above the threshold mark. I have to say that the night before the result release date is probably the longest night I have ever endured in my life. Aside from being all too nervous and anxious about my result, I literally could not sleep at all. Throughout the whole night, I found myself waking up for several times (actually every hour) and each time when I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, I would dream of myself looking at the pass list without my name on it! 

Worse of all, I have also been thinking a lot for the past few days about the alternative routes that I have if I were to fail the year. First of all, I could retake the whole year 3 (the only option to continue my studies). The problem with this option is not about mixing with the junior (actually a little), but the time and energy required to go through everything once again. Thinking about it already makes me tired mentally which is why I really admired fellow seniors who actually took the initiative to repeat the whole year. Although I should feel happy as I passed the year, I do not really have the mood to celebrate it. This is partly because I also found out that few of my close friends did not make it. I think it is really unfair for them, as some of them have been working real hard this year.

Anyway, year 3 has been an amazing yet tiring (and at times stressful) year for me and I would not anything about it (probably the part where I failed one of the minor assessments and the part my friends fail the year end exam :( ) at all. Finally I can enjoy the remaining of my holiday before year 4 starts where I will get stress for the next 3 months to sit for the toughest exam in the medical school before advancing to the fun part of year 4: the electives! Till then, au revoir!

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