Quality or Quantity?

6/18/2010 10:04:00 PM

Most of us are concious of our food's quality than it's quantity these days,albeit the amount of the food that we ordered are barely able to make us full.In our mind,as long as the food is scrumptious and worth-to-spend,we didn't care much about the prices which sometimes cost a bomb!Rather than having meals at the roadside stall with large amount of dishes that guarantees our stomach to be fulled and very cheap,we are willing to spend hundreds at fancy restaurants just to fulfill our desire to have better surroudings and delicious food!What a waste I think,eventhough we think that it's worthy enough...As for the workers with their hard-earned salary that hardly able to support their life,they tend to fill up their tummies with cheap and large portion,than having small,expensive and not worthy-to-spend food in fancy restaurants.To them,food is just a basic thing that needed by everyone to fill up their stomach and provides carbs for them to work.Some even consume staple foods throughout the year to save their money int the bank.Which do u really matters,quality or qantity?Leave your answers in the comments below...

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