6/07/2010 11:12:00 PM

It has been our duty to sit for examinations as a student.Most of us carry the burdence until we finally graduated from either high schools colleges and universities.As students,our minds keep thinking that we only have one thing to achieve...that is to pass the exam with flying colours!When you obtain good results,you will overjoy.When you failed your exams,you will certainly be sad.

Nonetheless,when we talk about examse,STRESS is the first thing that pops out from our mind.For some kind of reason,the adrenaline rushes when the exam is around the corner.Some people make preparation thousands of days ago but for some that revise books at the elevent hour,they just seem that 24 hours a day is merely enough for them!Then,they will start to repent and hope that they could do well for this coming exam.

However,when the exam is over,we will enjoy ourselves as if our stress are released and freedom are coming back!They will start to PARTY and PARTY and PARTY!For us,final day of exam is always the best day we,students ever had...Yip Yip Hooray!!!

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  1. I agree. No exams. No stresss...

  2. oi, the part "study at the eleventh hour then repent..." r u pointing at me??!!!!!!

  3. no...i'm referring to myself..:P