The Day Of Disaster!

7/10/2010 07:51:00 AM

For every students...THIS MIGHT BE THE WORST DAY EVER!Its none other than the REPORT CARDS DAY!Yes,talking about it makes us have goosebumps!Facing the most likely facing the end of the world!In our mind,we'll probably think of the teachers who will start to complain,complain and complain if we have bad grades and attitudes,not to mention our academic results...blah blah our parents unless we have attitudes like angels,excellence results like mr.brainiac and so on(that's the other story)...Yet do we ever think what's the main aim of this particular day held for?NOPE...That's the answer for most of students.The main aim is to encourage us,the students,to do better in our future examinations and to evaluate our achievement.When we see red inks appears in our report cards(which is getting F in particular test),we tend to work harder for the next test in order to achieve our parents hopes on us...So what are you waiting for guys and girls?Start studying now and make your daddy and mommy proud of you!

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