Live Life To The Fullest

7/26/2010 08:38:00 PM

Is life too hectic to enjoy fully?I believe for most of us living in towns and cities today,the answer would be a definite 'YES'!The resons is obvious.Just take a look at an ordinary schoolboy from an average home in city.First,he has to go to school.After spending half of his day in school,he has to go to extra classes,tuitions,piano classes and others that are too much to mention.When all the classes ends,it is already night and the boy will has his dinner and if he is lucky,he managed to watch television before for a while going to bed and continue the same cycle tomorrow.He hardly has time to enjoy himself!This is the life most for us who live in cities and towns have.Its fully packed and we merely have leisure time to spend with our loved ones.Maybe sometimes we should slow down our rhythm of lifes for a moment or two relaxing or having picnic by the beach to calm down our mind form the hustle and bustle of our lifes...
What do you think?Express your opinions out loud in the comments below...Peace out!

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