Stop Murdering Babies!

7/30/2010 09:40:00 PM

Cutest thing ever on earth:the BABY!
Can't you see how cute they're?Their eyes were so mesmerising and they have the cutest innocent-looks.They are the most precious things that we,human being ever have!'s baby!I was stunned by the news of parents murdering their own BABY when i read newspaper few days ago!I was even more surprised by the current newhs of a woman wo has killed her own 10 children in France!OMG(She should go to hell right away!)That's mean!How could they even have intention to kill their own children?They're totally physco!Baby:this word immediately brings my mind two thoughts.First and foremost,they are the most precious things that god ever gave us.Secondly they're cute!=)Babies are innocent.They have rights to live and and stay alive!Not being killed as soon as they're born!So people...stop commiting this sinful acts!Save the babies.Say NO to murdering babies!
Hane any opinions?Feel free to share out in the comments below....Peace out!

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