Changes In Life

8/27/2010 10:27:00 PM

When I viewed back my life...I noticed that I had left my elementary school for nearly 4 years now(WOAH,4 years!).Since then,I have never encountered some of my Grade 6 classmates,not to mention my teachers too.Some of them either went to boarding schools or migrate to other state to further their studies....What about ME?oh,I still stranded in the same town,however,different school.Nonetheless,I discovered my lifes change well as all my friends' lifes.We are still connecting with one and other via social networking;Facebook,Twitter and MSN.I think we would be closer if we still stayed at the same place,same school and same class....When we were still kids those days,we would played games such as ICE N WATER,ACI KEJAR,ATTACK,and more but as we grow older,we merely don't have much time to spend on playing as we have to concentrate on our studies...However,I hope that our friendship will last long even when we old,we all are still friends....Peace out.

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  1. Life is like this, we have to keep moving on while we grow up (:

  2. waoh... how touching... hehe...