Happy 53rd Independence Day Malaysia!

8/31/2010 12:20:00 AM

Happy Independence Day it is!After much sacrifice,we finally got our independence...and in a blink, 53 years have passed!After all sorts of incidence happen,it's clearly showed that we must hold on the spirits of unity;we must also respect each other in order to sustain peace and harmony in the community.However,there's been a report about racism issue lodged and appeared in the newspaper lately besides racism videos which triggers racism acts among us.Well folks,lets just sit down and relax for a day without any fights snce its our Independence Day;not Fighting Day!We Malaysians should always support each other whether we're from different races in addition to fulfill the 1 Malaysia concept-not go against them.I love Malaysia and I'm proud that I myself is a Malaysian ,live in a land where there's no repression towards lower level people,and not to forget the equal treatment for every Malaysians.I hope our land is fully-filled with peace,respects and harmony where there are no civil war,war between races just like May 13 incident.Hopefully,Malaysia will be better country across years.....Peace out =)
Check out 1 Malaysia theme song...Do enjoy it and share your opinions in the comments below...

(Lyrics are provided in the video)

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