Bizzare Pet Store!

9/28/2010 01:33:00 AM

Yesterday,My friends and I decided to went to a pet store to buy animals for our biology's experiment.So,we went to the nearest pet shop at our residential area.At first sight,the shop was pretty old,however that's the closest store we'd here!When we walked inside,we saw the shop owner resting.Below were the most ridiculous conversation between me and the shop owner:

Shop Owner:Yes?
Me:Aunty,got sell hamster?
Shop Owner:No.
Me:Erm...then got sell rat?
Shop Owner:No.
Me:Ermm...then got sell frog?
Shop Owner:No also.
Me:Erm...then ok lo...

OMG!What animal they also don't have,yet they still dare to open shop?Just put few pigeons,rabbits and fish and they claimed their shop pet shop already?!WTH!It's so dissapointing and freaking bizzare!

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  1. LOL! It's old looking so I don't think you should expect much haha.

  2. but i didn't expect they don't sell other kind of animals...=.=