Defense of the Ancient a.k.a. DotA

9/06/2010 08:22:00 PM

I bet most of you are familiar with this game...or maybe...ADDICTED to it!Yeah..its Defense of the Ancient or DotA...and its indeed addictive.With thousands hundreds of heroes to choose,you'll totally freaked out!When I tried this particular game for the first time in my life,I was kinda noob(=.=)...Instead of pawning the heroes,I went to destroy the tower first (the tower seems so harmless!) and when I reach there,of all sudden,the tower counter-attacked me!WTH!As a result...I guessed all of you know the ending.Besides,I don't even know what tools I've to buy!When my friends enquired me to buy ring of regeneration (It's sold by a weird-looking old man stanfing forlornly at a specific spot),you know what I bought?I bought ring of health...HAahaAHA!Seriously funny rite...As conclusion the first game was a real disaster!

What've I learnt?
I'd like to give some advice to the newbies of DotA which is...DON'T EVER PLAY DOTA ONLINE FOR THE FIRST GAME,NOT TO MENTION VERSUS WITH INSANE COMP!!!The game genuinely needs GOOD COMBAT SKILLS and TEAMWORKS!=)

Below are some of the cheatcodes I found it useful(SINGLE PLAYER AND CAMPAIGN ONLY)...GOOD LUCK!=)

whosyourdaddy GODMODE
iseedeadpeople remove fog of war
whoisjohngalt enabled research
sharpandshiny fast research
greedisgood adds gold
thereisnospoon infinit mana
lightsout dawn
riseandshine morning
thedudeabides fast cooldown!

= repeat cheats
-FUN Fun tavern
-ap Allpick
-apnp allpick/No Powerups
-wtf removes cooldown
-apnpts All pick/No Powerups/Terrainsnow
-apnt All Pick/No Top
-apneng All Pick/Normal Experience/Normal Gold
-mi Mini heroes
-du Duplicate modes
-ro range only
-io intelligence only

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