Alert!Alert!Stalker Detected!

10/30/2010 06:39:00 AM

Oh My Freaking Gosh!Someone stalked my test paper;nonetheless,I didn't realise it at all!You can't blame me though,as I's busy completing my papers.After the exams,several of my friends told me,that the guy sitting beside me actually copied my answer,and...his results were,simply,O.M.G. great!(Curse you to hell!)When I glanced him during the exams,he looked serene and he slept(actually,he's pretending to sleep,WTH!)and soo,I ignored him and continued my exams.AND THEENNNN,HE...ACTUALLY...SHARED...MY...ANSWERS...WITH...HIS FRIEND...SITTING...IN...FRONT...OF...ME!Nothing I could say about it anymore...This really taught me a lesson,always be aware with your test papers,andmy friends and I've think the best idea to prevent this incident...


  1. Get your answer.
  2. Blacken wrong answer in your objective paper.
  3. Make small marks at the correct answer.
  4. Wait till the last few minutes before the exams ended.
  5. Erase everything.
  6. Blacken the correct answers.
  7. If the candidate sitting beside you panic,CONGRATULATIONS,it simply means he'd copied your wrong answer.
  8. Mission accomplished.
  9. Celebrate.=)
P/S:This method has been tested and proved to work efficiently...
A little advice to the copycats,GO-TO-HELL!

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  1. wow.. now exams also can stalk.. lol :)

  2. haven't seen the worst...some even bring the answer sheets to the exam hall and take it out when the teaches didn't notice them~!XD