Go With Skype!

10/01/2010 05:39:00 AM

Recently,I've tried Skype and I found it quite usefull!It not only enable you to chat with your friends,you also can have a video callwith it!It's quite handy for those who are staying quite a part from each other that tend to chat or to have video call.The most important point is...IT"S FREE for SKYPE-TO-SKYPE calls!To satisfy the conditions in order to use Skype,you just need 3 things.Yup,only 3 things.

  1. A PC or a Mac Computer
  2. An internet connection(broadband is best)
  3. A webcam tomake video calls
With Skype,you can call whoever or whereever your loved ones are.Besides,I also find that by using Skype,I can chat or have video call smoothly.NO LAGGING!Long ago before I started using Skype,I'd used messenger to call and video call and I find it very lag not to mention several times I've difficulty neither to start nor accept call request as it states that my attempt to start a call is currently unavailable...=.=.For those who wanted to call their loved ones that were not on Skype,you can reach at their landlines and moblies worldwide at a really low cost rates!

Interested to start Skype calls?Check out www.skype.com to download it's software and learn using SKYPE calls with the provided tutorials!

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