A Nerdy Nerd!

10/07/2010 05:17:00 AM

My examination will start in a week time and I'm kinda haven't finished revise!10 subjects in 7 days which last for 2 WEEKS!OMG how am I gonna make it?NO,I'm not a NERD but I wish I were.All the best students love books and I just don't know how and what make them so passionate about reading those piles of books!I'm just an typical guy with average scores...but too-bad of course!Gee,looks like I've to burn midnight oil for a week in order to get into express class next year.So I might not be able to update my blog till my examination is over which is until 28/10!Just imaging how would you feel with 2 freaking weeks of exams!Gtg start reading now...Ciao

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