Bizzare Trip To KL!

11/22/2010 05:23:00 PM

Sorry for the late update!Few days ago I joined a trip to KL,organised by my school's club.We started our journey about 5am!First and foremost,we went to Planetarium,but instead going there, the no-skill-bus-driver turned to Pusat Sains Negara...-.- Then we went to the Suria KLCC,located just beside KLCC.We had our lunch before proceeding to Petroscience.Later,we went to Timesquare Mall.OMG,all the mall in KL is huge!Then we went back to our Pacific Hotel.All of the activities were fun,but the best part arrived when night the hotel,all of us like kept pressing the bell,UNTIL THE VIP ROOM AT THE END OF THE 3rd FlOOR CAME OUT AND LODGE A COMPLAINT TO THE MANAGER!LOL...
We also play some card games and chatting the whole night.The teachers said we can't leave the hotel after 11pm.As you all know,teenagers just like to do the opposite way of teachers order!When nearly 2.30am,we went out!(Expected incident,haha)We went to the mamak stall near our hotel and we had roti canai before entering back to hotel.The next day,was kinda boring so I'll not talk about it...=) we went to MIDVALLEY MAGEMALL after visiting the TUGU NEGARA!(fireworks!)(The actual plan was going to 1 Utama.Perhaps the teachers wanted to flaunt their wealth XP) We were given exactly 3 hours to walk around the shopping mall(As you know,even if you were given one whole day,you still won't be able to shop the whole mall as the mall was like a giant and you like a tiny ant...=\ ) We wasted 1 hour because we went to the wrong MALL!Instead of Mid Valley Megamall(MVM),we accidentally ran into THE GARDEN,located just opposite of MVM...No wonder the shop sold every products worth at least 3 figure (RM XXX.XX) -.-...After entering MVM,we had cakes at Secret Recipe!The waiter was like very ...weird though...After that,we visit the comic stores before heading back to our bus...

At the Planetarium,watching so-called 3D movie but it makes people dizzy...@.@

Here's a picturesque sun under water in underwater aquarium...=)

Pusat Sains Negara...I'm like Sasuke charging electric for attacking right?...XD

At one part of Petrosciense...It's like Jurassic Park!

I always thought the sculpture was like taller than me like about 2 metres BUT I WAS WRONG!

Here's another picturesque sun under water in underwater aquarium...=)

I'm a fortune-teller...What would you like to know about yourself?

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