2010 Year Review

12/30/2010 09:58:00 PM

Hmmm...How time flies~!In just a blink of an eye,2010 is coming to an ending.Which literally means I'm getting older a YEAR! =( Let's see...2010...definitely not a very-good year for me!WHY?
On the first semester in school,I've had terrible results,and it happened on second semester too!Next,I missed literally many many things due to my hectic life and foremostly,the holidays were cut down...=\...However,of al those unlucky things happened,there are several good things too (maybe).I gotta know new friends and I somehow won a cam!LOLz...
So,My first resolution of 2011 year is I want to have a better life in next year and have strong bonding with my friends before we departed on our own ways after 2011-which means next year is the last year in MIDDLE SCHOOL!-It also means ...we're separating after being best friends for somewhat 7 YEARS!AWWWWWWww.....=(

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