Back From Betong,Thailand!

1/10/2011 06:31:00 PM

I actually went to Betong,Thailand!(First,I thought that I would visit somewhere heart of Thailand yet I was totally wrong!)I guess you don't know where is Betong right?Let me tell ya some information bout it.Betong is located just after Thailand-Perak Border.I know some of you might be wondering..."Eh?Perak is so far from Thailand leh?And we must cross Kedah,Perlis/Kelantan only reach Thailand's Border?" Truth be told,that was my first reaction when I reach the there...Nevermind let's moving on...There's difference with M'sia and Thailand clock leh!It's like when you're in Thailand,the time slower by 1 hour!(If you want to reverse the time in M'sia,just move to Thailand!HAHA(I know it's lame -.-))
When we reach Betong,we check-in to a hotel and after that,we went to somewhat Garden(The place is written in Chenese and Thai Language so I reaaly don't know ok...sorry)The road to reach there is sososososososo freaking steep.When you reached to a certain point,the road is like 60 degree OMG...So nervous la coz scared later the car move backwards pula...LOLLooking around,I saw that there's a place called PIYAMIT TUNNEL where you can go inside the jungle and experienced the life of M'sia's soldiers during war...BUT the not-so-good thing is there were like so many mozzies !I think those who go in must have too much blood to feed the mozzies lo...-.-And just beside there's a mini restaurant packed with people!

Next we went to A-MUST-GO place when you're in Betong...which is...HOT-SPRING spot!That's the main reason why we decided to go there.There's like two place...One is for soaking our body and the other is like for boiling EGGS!Here's place for us to soak our legs and some even soaked their whole body!OMG by the way the water is soooooo HOT!
Here's the place where we can boil the eggs...The water is like 100 degree celcius!

I'll write about Thailand's food in the next post ok...Stay tuned!

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