Early 2011

1/03/2011 05:08:00 AM

Each year,January turns out to be the busiest month ever!First,I had to arranged the tuition time table,WHICH TURNED OUT TO A MESS!Then,keeping old books and tidy up my mini-library-room wannabe.Fist day to school,quite fresh,and it was a really good start.Friends sitting together and teachers-kinda friendly,most are last year's class teacher...so there was no drama occuring...

MOST LOATHED THING ever happen on the first day would be....SELF-INTRODUCTION!Hate the thing max la...not to mention ESSAY WRITING-MYSELF which repeated years after years...bla bla bla....And HOMEWORK! =(

MOST LIKED THING would be.....*drum rolled* new teachers and students tranferring to school!
Oh yeah...it's a really good thing...(HOPEFULLY)...

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