Justin Bieber For Auction On eBay!

2/25/2011 04:03:00 AM

Can you possibly imagine that Justin Bieber's hair is out for auction on eBay?OMG...Well it's rather true!He's donating his hair to many people and to charity.And...many fans of his are crazy for it.So far the highest bid has been $7,000.However,his haircut costs him 80,000 fans on Twitter!These Bielibers decided to stop following him on Twitter just simply because of his new hairstyle.One of the ex-fan tweeted: "I can't believe he did that... not so cute JB." While another fan wrote: "i cud cry Justin, why why why?"...It seems like some may like his new hairstyle and some may not!Do you like his current hairstyle?I love it. =)

Justin Bieber

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