When System Malfunction,This Will Happen!

2/19/2011 04:47:00 AM

On 16/2/2011,I'd a shocking moment(at least few minutes in my life).I just couldn't believe it even with my own EYES~! For the first time in my simple life,I could never ever expect that I'll see a LOTTERY RESULT with 1234 for 1st,2nd,3rd,special and even consolation prize!My first thought was,

"OMG...if anyone bought 1234,he'll never ever have to work in his life again!"

After checking through Magnum website...it was a false result because the system of the website I surfed had system MALFUNCTION! SWT to the core...-.-...The result so HAK SEI YAN leh...Luckily I don't have any health problems...if I do,I think I'll have major heart attack! LOL

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