Fake Eggs Are Sold in Malaysia!

4/07/2011 05:47:00 AM

Omg...I always think that this incident would ONLY happens in somewhere like in China.But now...It hits Malaysia!*Jaw dropped*.A housewife who has boght a tray of 30 eggs for RM11 in a market in Pulau Penang has complained to the Consumers Association of Penang(CAP) that they were fake.She said'

"The eggs did not smell like real eggs and were tasteless."
"They had unusual shapes and were larger than the real eggs.The fake egg also had a rougher surface than the genuine egg."

When the eggs were cooked,it was found that the fake egg has a more yellowish egg yolk than the real ones.Thye fake eggs were full of chemicals.The egg shell is said to made from calcium carbonate,while the egg yolk and the egg white are made of sodium alginite,alum,gelatin,benzoic acid and calcium chlorides besides water and food coloring.If the fake eggs were consumed for a long period,it can cause health problems!So bloggers,do be careful when you 're buying eggs and make sure the eggs were the genuine eggs!

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  1. yea.. i thought it only happens in china.. now have to becareful :/