Happy April Fools Day Folks!

4/01/2011 08:30:00 AM

Wahlala bloggers!It's early April now...How time flies!Quick update...sorry for long paused since the last post! =\...I was on the go as I entered debate few days ago and I'm currently against the time in completing my librarian work.My life is so so so hectic and busy.A day is merely past without my knowledge.Alright,let's move on.Today something big happened to me!When I was searching for my report card in staff's room,my world was falling apart when I couldn't find it!It was nowhere to be found.So instead of my chearfull day,it turned to emo.Emoness overpowered me.Well,I think the god was pulling my leg as in the end my friend found it in between Biology workbooks!*cheers*.A really big thank you to Sarah who has made my day!

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  1. i didnt get pranked by anybody.. but was pranked by gmail motion :P