College Life!

2/20/2012 08:14:00 AM

Hey bloggers!It has been a while since my last update.I have entered college!I am currently taking Cambridge GCE A Level Programme.Life has been very hectic for me.Worst of all,I have rented a house nearby the college and I AM #foreveralone.Yeap,none of my classmates are following me and I will probably have to wait untill April intake to meet my secondary classmates here!Hmm,I have to admit that living alone is quite dull;however,I am able to learn to be independant.My greatest fear is …cannot wake up in the morning!And college life is not as excited as I expected.Basically,it is kinda sucky.One thing you will do every day in college:walking,walking and walking.For example,after Biology lecture ends at hall A,I have to rush to hall B to attend next lesson.There are no 5 mins gaps between the time table for us to walk to the respective halls!All of us are like RUSHING X98472847274583.Canbridge GCE A Level Programme is kinda tough as I was told by my seniors.Practically we do not have any leisure time for FUN ACTIVITIES!The saddest thing is there is only ONE WEEK holiday for Chinese New Year!GOSH.

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  1. Walk is good, best way to keep kit if you're too busy to work out. Trust, once you stop walking your waist line starts growing >.<

  2. my campus got escalator~ mwahahahahah~~~ /shot

  3. all this hectic will be pay off one day ;)

  4. @Nath:Got point...Hahaha
    @ying:Zhadao .. =.=
    @nGiau:I believe that too.Thanks :)
    @Jong:Thanks Jong! :)