I'm Back On Track!

5/13/2012 07:19:00 AM

I’m back from middle of nowhere! From today onwards,I pledge to post at least one post per week,alright!Two weeks ago I was having my first SEMESTER TEST *jeng jeng jeng*.I know at this point you’ll feel how ridiculous for an CAL’s to sit his Semester test in May instead of June/July.Yup,My GCE A Level’s 1st Semester Test is over.And YOU WON’T BELIEVE  NEXT SENTENCE WHICH I WILL TYPE.
-To my ashtonishment,my semester break was only…ONLY… 2 DAYS!-
 Pity me.Semester 2 starts right away after semester  1.Despite the shortest sem break I’ve had in my life,I will not give up!Talk about the semester test,huh.The questions were tricky as usual.Clearly all the students need to sacrifice nearly 20% 40% of their precious little brain cells.Alas,the exam was finally over and most of us were over the moon after sitting for the final exam-*Malaysian Studies*.Initially all the classmates had agreed to have a class photo.Nevertheless,after the test,none of us remembered and  left the college hall as quick as lightning!
Currently I’m searching for GCE A-Levels’ reference books in pdf online so that I can download them for free!The books had caused me poorer by $$$. #sad.Guys and gals any suggestions or links?Please do share with me ya! :)
For GCE A-Levels  Students: I’ve found a website which contains hell lot of past year papers.To visit the website,click the button below. :)

Alright,that’s all for now.Teehee.

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