BIC Speed Writing Competition 2012

8/25/2012 05:04:00 AM

Quick Update:Went to BIC Speed Writing Competition 2012 Grand Final just now!And guess what....I got Consolation Prize! #yay.although I did not manage to get 1/2/3 prize,I'm lucky enough though as I have to compete with almost 200 candidates from 12 different colleges!happy enough to get consolation prize because there were only 5 consolation prize + 1+2+3 prize.Total up only 8 people get certificates!Won some hampers courtesy from BIC and there are shavers inside the goodie bag!Weird huh.Never know that shavers are one of BIC's products!
PS:Sitting for trials in the upcoming weeks.Hence,I will not update blog till mid of September! Auf Wiedersehen! :-)

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