Plan b. by BIG

9/03/2012 08:46:00 PM

Healthy honey lemon drink! ^.^
Spicy Aglio Olio.The chilli depicts its spiciness! *Rawr*
 Yesterday I went to Plan B by BIG at Paradigm Mall with my friends to celebrate one of our friend's Birthday!Initially,when they kept mentioning about plan B,my mind was thinking-"Hmm,wow,they are really professional in planning events,huh?There's plan B as a backup for Plan A.So we went to Paradigm Mall(Nice and Huge).However,when we were at the undergorund carpark,were like going through a MAZE.Pillar's were everywhere as if they were built for display purposes,not to mention the tapes!After getting the car parked,we proceed into the mall.I laughed myself off when I realised that the plan B mentioned all the while happened to be a restaurant called -->Plan b.<---!The place is quite nice and their food is delicious+a little bit expensive but it is worth for every penny you have spent there.You'll get a free drinks too,I think it was Evian mineral water that comes in a chloroform-bottle like.haha.

PS:Check out their website

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  1. I have to agree with you. Its a bit pricey but worth the price. I have been here once and hoping I can do another second round to try other food as available on their menu.