Hurricane Sandy Hits US East Coast

10/31/2012 04:07:00 AM

Mother of hurricanes,Hurricane Sandy has caused devastation to East Coast of United States.Where it is popularly known as financially active city for 24/7,Superstorm Sandy has caused the stock exchanges to be closed for a second day in New York.This will certainly give a hard hit to the economy in US.18 lives were taken by Sandy,which total up to 40 so far.Millions of people are living in the dark as the power supply were shut down.Victims were killed by fallen tree.The subway system is in underwater.Families were forced to leave their home.Cities are flooded.More than 80 homes were destroyed by a wind-fueled fire in Breezy Point,as the severe flooding complicated efforts by firefighters to reach the blaze.Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said that there had been at least 23 other major fires in the city.

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