The Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother - Amy Chua

10/26/2012 04:59:00 AM

Recently I have just read this magnificent book,'The Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother" written by none other than Amy Chua.A little biography of Amy.She is The John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law at Yale Law School and she is married to a Jewish,Jed Rubenfeld,who also happens to be an academic,Professor of Law at Yale Law School.Raised by Chinese parents,she went through the "Chinese-parenting model",where the parents want their children to excel in things they do.Straight A's in academic is a MUST.If they were to enter competitions,#1 must be in their hands!And so,Amy used the same kind of model to her children.It seems to be effective on their first Chinese daughter,Sophia.However,problems arose with their second children,Louisa,or more commonly known as this memoir,Amy revealed her secrets for her children's remarkable talent in music as well as in academics .Although some of the tactics used by Amy might be too harsh and over,yet I can fell that 99% of the things she has done are mainly for her children's benefits..In my humble opinion,this book depicts the parenting style practiced by most of the Asian parents.It's a Best New York Times Bestseller!So what are you waiting for?Go grab one now! :)

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