Happy 18th Birthday

11/01/2012 05:18:00 AM

Finally I am 18.Free and legal #excitement.If you think that i will spend my day at clubs/bars/drinking alcohol/watching movies/parties/hanging out with friends/etc...NO.you're totally WRONG.I cant believe myself either.But yes,I am spending my one very special day with
  • Mr Mathematics
  • Mr Chemistry
  • Ms Biology
  • Ms Thinking Skills
 Stop showing that weird face.I know,sounds total nerd,but my birthday lies in the middle of Cambridge AS Level Examination.What would you do if you're going to sit for 4 papers in a week time,plus its continuous 4 days of papers!Let's get this in a simpler way,I am investing my special day in education which I hope in return I will get 4A*'s printed on my certificate as well as worthy conditional offer letter from top universities.Looks better now eh?Smart investor.#vain.However,CERTAINLY I have spent quarter of my day celebrating my birthday though.but not in a really grand way.Just a simple slice of cake and lots of wishes from friends.And I am seriously going to re-celebrate this birthday after my exam!Time is ticking. X :)

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