Lunch at Jogoya Restaurant!

11/26/2012 03:24:00 AM

Courtesy from Kejia
After one and a half month of agony,AS Level Exam is finally over!Once the last paper has ended,the exam hall was filled with nothing but smiles and laughter.Everyone was relieved and the gloomy mood was instantaneously turned into a cheerful ones.Right after the exam,my classmates and I have decided to celebrate by having brunch at the famous Jogoya Restaurant at Starhill!Jogoya is known for their Japanese delicacies,which happens to be high-class buffet.In order to make sure we have paid a worthful sum of money,most of us had not have our breakfast,just so that we can eat a lot more when we are having our lunch! #typicalMalaysian.Since we are dining in with promotions' prices,which is the prices of 2 for 3 person by showing the Jogoya apps downloaded in our smartphones,we were given only 2 hours!Each og us was paying around $65 perperson,and theres 16 of us.Hence the total amount paid is a mind blowing price,$1036.00!Nonetheless,it was totally worth it.There were lots of  mouth-watering food.Think of any food you want,and they have it!Ranging from sushi,oysters,abalones,dimsum,to even chilli crabs,buddha jump over the wall,chicken chops and many more!Note this,the dessert is AMAZING! ---> HAAGEN DAZ ice-cream,tiramisu,blueberry mousse,jelly,just to name a few!<--- :=":" a="a" br="br" buffet="buffet" definitely="definitely" eace="eace" for="for" high-class="high-class" is="is" it="it" must="must" opt="opt" out="out" restaurant="restaurant" those="those" try="try" who="who" x="x">

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