12/22/2012 04:38:00 AM

So 21.12.2012 has passed.It is the end of the Mayan's Calender.People predicted that on 21.12.2012,it is the apocalypse day.Some said that a unknown planet will hit the Earth.The rest claiming that the Earth will be in darkness for three consecutive days.Disaster will happen.Even there's such prediction that when the current famous 'Oppa Gangnam Style''s in Youtube reached 1 000 000 000 views,doomsday will occur.I was so curious that I have surfed the internet to look for information regarding the connection between the so-called doomsday and PSY's horse riding dance.To my surprised, back in 1503,Nostradamus wrote,
 “From the calm morning, the end will come
When of the dancing horse
the number of circles will be 9.”

which pratically means,
Korea is called the country of the calm morning.
PSY gangnam style is a horse dance.
9 circles, as in 1 000 000 000 views.

How creative human minds can be.Yet,nothing really happen.Life goes on as usual.Okay,I know part of you felt disappointed.Just admit it.haha.Nonetheless,it was nothing but another old myth.

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