Charity Work!

12/28/2012 04:53:00 AM

Hey guys,from the title of this post,you might have some idea on my recent activity.Yes,I have offered my self to help out at the local old folks home as well as the orphanage.During the first day,I was asked to clean up the clogged drains.The terrible stench nearly made me fainted away!After working for somewhat 4 hours,we had our noon break.We spend some time playing with the orphans and boy they were so cute!One of my friends played musical chair with them and they were evidently over the moon.Then,we continued cleaning all the drains again.At the end of the day I realised that my keys was lost!And I have to sleepover at my cousins.How unfortunate I was. #shrugs
During the second day,we went to the old folks home and helped to clean out the got it right, its the WASHROOM.Luckily the toilets were in good conditions,and we cleaned the walls,tiles,and the cubicles.Besides,the owner of the orphanage wanted us to paint the walls,so we agree to do the tasks.Tired but satisfied as I can finally tell people that I DO contribute to the society.
The most unforgettable moment would be meeting an uncle who could hardly walks with the support of a stick hoe!He asked us to clear the weeds and.........there was a ant-nest around the area.My legs were bitten by those creepy ants,causing inflammation and itchiness. =.=
PS: Now I finally understand why the boy in HARVESTMOON feels fatigue,having blue face and finally faints after doing all the diggings,cleaning,and walking around for too long.hahahaha.

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