Royal Prank Call Caused Death Of A Nurse

12/13/2012 04:30:00 AM

How dangerous can a prank call be?Perhaps DEATH!Duchess of Cambridge,Britain Catherine's  nurse,Jacintha Saldanha of King Edward VII hospital commited suicide two days after receiving a prank call from Australian 2DayFM,DJ Mel Greig and Michael Christian.These Sydney radio presenters impersonated as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles,demanding for their grandson-in-law's health condition.Nurse Jacintha was fooled by them and transferred the phone call to another nurse who revealed everything which were supposedly to be private and confidential in the first point.Apparently nurse Jacintha ended her life soon after realising that she was the victim of their prank call.DJ Mel Greig and Michael Christian were devastated when they heard the tragic news.They are currently under intense counseling and they apologised to the family of the nurse.Below are the video of DJ Mel Greig and Michael Christian response over the tragic news.

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