Welcome Semester 2 Break!

12/12/2012 03:48:00 AM

Pictures adapted from bizgropartners.com
 Finally my semester 2 ends today!Welcome Semester Break!Well I have been quite idle these days because my schedule is sooooo frigging pack!Last week,I went to Taylor's Open Day as Student Helper with few of my classmates.It was 2 days event and basically my job was to greet the parents,ushered them to their seats.Then I would ask them some questions,fill in some forms before assigning a counselor for them.Quite a lot of people turned up for the open day event,although INTI,located just beside Taylor's College,also had open day!How competitive it was right.I know,I know.Next,back to my semester break.I am going to hve a 3 weeks break!You may think that 3 weeks is just a short break,comparing STPM/SAM/CPU/AUSMAT/whatever ,but I thinks its alright for me.I shall fully UTILISE this 3 weeks by compensating my sleep debt during Cambridge AS exam,if you get what I mean here.haha.Happy Holidays! :)

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